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“Researchers Demonstrate 100° Dynamic Focus AR Display With Membrane Mirrors” by Ben Lang published on Jan 27, 2017. Excerpt below as well as a link to the full article.

Achieving a wide field of view in an AR headset is a challenge in itself, but so too is fixing the so-called vergence-accommodation conflict which presently plagues most VR and AR headsets, making them less comfortable and less in sync with the way our vision works in the real world. Researchers have set out to try to tackle both issues using varifocal membrane mirrors.
Researchers from UNC, MPI Informatik, NVIDIA, and MMCI have demonstrated a novel see-through near-eye display aimed at augmented reality which uses membrane mirrors to achieve varifocal optics which also manage to maintain a wide 100 degree field of view.

Please click the link below to be directed to the publisher website for the full article:

GVR Research Featured in Article

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