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Henry Fuchs Praneeth Chakravarthula Ben Goldberg Austin Hale Adrian Ilie
Howard (Han) Jiang Jade Kandel YoungJoong Kwon Conny (Xinran) Lu Jim Mahaney
Ashley Neall Emre Onemli Akshay Paruchuri Ryan Schmelzle Andrei State
Shengze Wang Ziheng Wang Qian Zhang Chongyi Zheng Liujie Zheng
Max Nabokow Mandal Debabrata Kurtis Keller Pranav Wagh Martim Gaspar
Chenyang Ma Jayden Lim


The Graphics and Virtual Reality group has been around since 1978 at UNC Chapel Hill, under various names: Pixel-Planes, Tracker, Ultrasound, Office of the Future, as part of BeingThere Centre, and others. Even our current name needs to be interpreted broadly to include such current topics as low-latency rendering, fast head-tracking, and immersive medical learning experiences. Our group has been interested in such a variety of topics over the years that we’ve had many different names for our projects and web pages. You can see some of them in our historical web pages below: Office of the Future, Ultrasound, Pixel-Planes and Pixelflow, BeingThere. Our research includes 3D scene acquisition & reconstruction, 3D tracking, fast rendering hardware and algorithms, autostereoscopic 3D displays, head-mounted and other near-eye displays, telepresence, and medical applications.