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Pictured (left to right) – In circles: Fan Feng, Jiyao Wang, YoungJoong Kwon, Kurtis Keller, Justin Wilson Top row: Young-Woon Cha, Hanpeng Wang, Jim Mahaney, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Qian Zhang, Kishore Rathinavel, Hao Jiang, Rohan Chabra, Nick Rewkowski, Will Berner Middle row: Lauren Hawkins, Conny Lu, Paul Song, Henry Fuchs, Yujie Tao, Kristina Marotta, Irene Zhan Front row: Nolan Scobie, Michael Giordano, Andrei State, Adrian Ilie Not pictured – Yang Chen, Joel Jacob 

The Graphics and Virtual Reality group has been around since 1978 at UNC Chapel Hill, under various names: Pixel-Planes, Tracker, Ultrasound, Office of the Future, as part of BeingThere Centre, and others. Even our current name needs to be interpreted broadly to include such current topics as low-latency rendering, fast head-tracking, and immersive medical learning experiences. Our group has been interested in such a variety of topics over the years that we’ve had many different names for our projects and web pages. You can see some of them in our historical web pages below: Office of the Future, Ultrasound, Pixel-Planes and Pixelflow, BeingThere. Our research includes 3D scene acquisition & reconstruction, 3D tracking, fast rendering hardware and algorithms, autostereoscopic 3D displays, head-mounted and other near-eye displays, telepresence, and medical applications.